C3, Inc. Multi-Family Division provides a turnkey approach as it is involved with the design and material selection in the early stages of development to protect the Owners overall budget for their project. We produce a product that not only meets the basic family necessities, but also exceeds the expectations related to the rental market. Traditionally this sector attempts to simply provide shade and shelter and the lowest price point. That approach yields an experience that is typically far less than ideal and is almost insulting to discerning consumers. At C3, Inc. we understand that a home is more than where the heart is and attention to detail matters. One example of this is the “smart house” technology infrastructure being built in during construction. This cutting edge approach is aimed at a more efficient, secure, comfortable home that you deserve. (Let’s go tour one today… )


We take great pride in helping you build your financial future, turning a vision into a reality. We use our team to build a structure that will weather the storm of many people sharing one area by way of excellent materials and a strong attention to detail.


Owning a multi-family housing complex from duplexes to extensive apartment buildings will help you grow your wealth, and we have the team that can take your vision and turn it into a reality. Schedule an appointment today with one of our project managers.